Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

How fast killing virus autoran

In killing the virus in the confusion we sometimes remove the virus. here I will give quick tips in the murder autoran virus.

The first step is

1. if we play any flash or we can not directly open the flash folder that comes in, because if we open a folder directly so if there is virus on the flash then it will go directly into our computer.
2. we open the windows expolere
3. + click akan ya later flasdisk look the contents of a further
4. we click one of the contents of the folder that is in the flasdisk UP if it is then we will see a page where the content is all flasdisk
5. nah if it is in flasdisk virus called autoran it will show a folder in the earlier
6. if there is then we delete it immediately.

I tell this to you all because I have never do well this powerful banged in autoran remove the virus. because if we autoran virus scan antivir life are sometimes the same in other antivir virus sometimes it also is not.

autoran because the virus is not evil but falsdisk we can make changes to a folder.itu cie w from the experience as if it is exposed to the virus autoran the icon will change us into a folder.mudah2an give what I know this will be useful for readers ..

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