Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

creative in logic

my experience everyone has a logic different. nah that we want to continue to have a logic that creatif forward and we must learn the logic of others, so that we listen to each others logic we can give inspiration to the brain so that we continue to increase our creativity in making a logika.nah friends who read the post This should not fear collide in logic to anybody because of the logic we collide we will continue to get innovations that better and more accurate. One more, we do not be afraid to give us the logic-logic to other people.
if you think how small since we have been trained for the creative to our parents. because I realize that since we are given small toys and teaching, so that when we are big in the grind and choose something that we consider correct.
therefore we must prove to the world that the young protagonist who can now give something that's great that any form.
so a young child into the world of IT

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